Tracking the traffic to webpages

2021-07-26 Haky Im
𝕋o keep track of traffic to blogdown (hugo-based) webpages in google analytics, follow the steps below See Google’s instructions here. Briefly […] Copy the global site tag, which is several lines of code that you need to paste into each webpage you want to measure. Below is the code for … Read more →

Get list of predictor SNPs and weights in predictdb

2021-07-19 Haky Im
𝕋o get a list of SNPs and the corresponding weights to predict expression levels (or splicing) of a given gene, you will first need to download the databases where the prediction models are stored. For example, you can download them from here more specifically from this tar file On CRI they are … Read more →

Links to How To's

2021-07-12 Haky Im
𝕐anyu’s notes on uploading to zenodo Read more →

Training Gene Expression Prediction Models

2021-07-09 Haky Im
ℙrediXcan and TWAS methods in general correlate genetically predicted levels of gene expression traits with complex traits to understand the mechanism behind GWAS loci. A key component is the training of gene expression traits. A tutorial on how to generate elastic net models can be found in this … Read more →

Creating a new post

2021-06-16 Haky Im
𝕋o publish an analysis note in the notebook, you need to have blogdown and hugo installed on your computer. […] Netlify is hosting the content here Read more →

Subsetting HapMap3 SNPs

2021-06-14 Yanyu Liang
𝕋his is the readme of the codes here. This module extract HapMap 3 SNPs for downstream use. Download data from The workflow is based on snakemake and it contains the following steps: […] If one wants to do liftover, then … Read more →

Querying PredictDB sqlite databases

2021-04-27 Haky Im
ℙredictDB databases are stored in simple sqlite files. You can programmatically query them via python, R, perl, etc (using appropriate libraries). Below is an example on how to query the database in R. Each has two tables the extra and the weights tables. - extra table contains the list of available … Read more →

Bionimbus PDC

2021-03-31 Sabrina Mi
ℍost bionimbus HostName User username IdentityFile ~/.ssh/id_rsa ForwardAgent yes Host bionimbusvm HostName instanceIPaddress User ubuntu IdentityFile ~/.ssh/id_rsa ProxyCommand ssh -q -A bionimbus -W %h:%p ForwardAgent yes Load your key into the ssh-agent by … Read more →

Configuring Windows Subsystem for Linux

2020-08-10 Ian Waters
𝕋his is a guide to configuring a Windows system to utilize many of the tools that the Im Lab uses. […] The native command line options in Windows are not well-integrated for many bioinformatic tools, so an alternative solution is to use Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL). This allows your … Read more →

Computing on ANL Servers

𝕋o get access to the servers at ANL, you will need at minimum an account with Argonne’s MCS division, as well as access to specific computing groups. This process is usually handled by one of the researchers at ANL, as they need to serve as a sponsor for external users. […] Once you are … Read more →