The email reminder to renew dbGaP projects should link to My Projects tab after logging in, where you can select the project to request renewal. For the most part, the application will walk through the steps if you click ‘save and continue’ at the bottom of each page, but there are tabs you have to remember to click on that otherwise might be skipped, like, ‘Research Progress’ or ‘Data Security’.

  • Upload IRB (make sure to click ‘upload’ after choosing the IRB file), then check ‘accept terms and conditions’ at the bottom
  • Summarize updates in ‘Research Progress’. A new summary must be written, with a description of whether and how the data were used, and reference the dataset(s) by name.
  • Add Presentations and Publications. Publication info can be filled in automatically by pasting its PubMed ID. The PMID can be found in the first few lines from opening the paper from search
  • Update Collaborators in ‘Data Security’. Changes can be made in ‘IT Director’ and ‘Signing Officer’.
  • Download copy of renewal application. Click ‘Review Complete Application’ in ‘Review Applications’.


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