How to Use Workflowr


July 30, 2020

#Open RStudio

#Type the following:

nameproject = “PNPO-Alcohol-Epilepsy” githubuser = “hakyimlab”

library(workflowr) setwd(“~/Github”)

wflow_git_config( = “Your Name”, = “email@domain”)

wflow_start(nameproject) wflow_build() wflow_view() wflow_status() wflow_publish(c(“analysis/index.Rmd”, “analysis/about.Rmd”, “analysis/license.Rmd”), “Publish the initial files for myproject”)

#Create a GitHub repository with the same name as the nameproject

wflow_use_github(githubuser, nameproject)

#select 2 since the repo has already been created

#push the content of the new repo to GitHub

git push –set-upstream origin master