The same info can be found at this page,, but the steps may be slightly different because we applied for Biobank Japan data before they integrated with the D-way system.

Register a user account:

  1. A D-way account should have been created for you, with your username and password sent in an email. If not, create an account here:
  2. Add UChicago as your organization: Log in with D-way account, Click the account tab at the top right corner, and at the bottom, type “The University of Chicago” in Center Full Name. Once selected, center name autofills with “U_CHICAGO”.
  3. Register your public key: You may need to click update and refresh for the Public Key box to appear at the bottom. You will need to copy your public key to an unhidden folder, cp ~/.ssh/ ~/Desktop, before selecting for upload. If you do not find a file named in .ssh, create a public key with ssh-keygen -t rsa.

Download Data:

  1. Connect to JGA server: sftp -i id_rsa -P 443 <D-way username>
  2. cd controlled-access/download/jga/
  3. Download: get -r J-DU999991 (downloads locally, will update with instructions to download directly to Bionimbus)



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