BBJ data directory: \gpfs/data/im-lab/nas40t2/Data/BBJ

I first downloaded and decrypted Biobank Japan data (instructions), then organized into subdirectories BBJ-genotypes-decrypted and BBJ-phenotypes-decrypted, in their original form.


BBJ phenotypes file: gpfs/data/im-lab/nas40t2/Data/BBJ/BBJ-phenotypes.csv

The original BBJ phenotype data, in BBJ-phenotypes-decrypted, was structured so that individual data for each phenotype was in a different folder. For convenience, I combined all the phenotypes in one table, BBJ-phenotypes.csv. The file BBJ-phenotype-list.txt contains all the phenotypes and their folder names (download)

I created the combined phenotype file with the following script:

python3 --BBJ_folder /Users/sabrinami/BBJ/BBJ-phenotypes \
--phenotype_mapping /Users/sabrinami/Github/analysis-sabrina/BBJ-data-processing/BBJ-phenotype-list.txt \
--output /Users/sabrinami/Github/analysis-sabrina/BBJ-data-processing/BBJ-phenotypes.csv


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Sabrina Mi (2022). Biobank Japan Data in CRI. ImLab Notes. /post/2022/01/02/biobank-japan-data-in-cri/

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