Error: 0 % SNPs used

2021-07-20 Festus
𝕄ismatch between the model SNP ids and geneotype/gwas SNP ids, e.g using model rsids to match with genotype variant_ids […] When having different genome builds use chr{}{}{}_{}_b38" for the –on_the_fly_mapping argument. This parameter specifies a format string to be used when … Read more →

How to interpret a p-value of 0

2020-12-01 Haky Im
𝔸 p-value of zero should be interpreted as an extremely small positive value. S-PrediXcan or PrediXcan will provide the zscore as well as the p-value. You can calculate the p-value corresponding to the Zscore using the formula below. For example a Zscore of 30 will give you a (natural) log p-value … Read more →